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My Curtain Care, Revolutionizing the Curtain Cleaning Service Industry in India My Curtain Care is an up and coming first-of-its-kind Company in the sector of premium and high-end cleaning. It provides its customers with top-notch care for their different types of curtain, blinds and shades.

Social Media has had a significant impact in today’s world; most of everything happens online and it has become crucial for all brands to market their products and services online. Thus, when we wanted to increase our brand awareness, we knew the way to go about it — Instagram and Facebook. Our demographics ranged from bachelor’s to married working individuals, who cared about their home and especially how it looked with good, clean and sanitized curtains.
With the Covid-19 Pandemic that hit us all pretty hard in the year 2020, we knew that offline marketing was out of the question
The fact of the situation remained that, curtains are a gateway to microbes, dust and bacteria, and we needed to make our audience aware about it. Therefore, the medium of Instagram and Facebook came in really handy to not just increase our brand awareness, but also brand value
After we did that during the first month, we began with the push strategies to promote our performance marketing campaigns during the festival season — Diwali.
My Curtain Care is a company that provides premium cleaning services for different types of curtains, drapes and carpets. It is based out of Mumbai and has been in the business for the past year now. The company started off with the objective to revolutionize the cleaning and dry-cleaning industry, by providing premium services and top-notch customer (curtain) care at breakthrough market rates. It has since then come a long way, providing personalized curtain care services, wherein the customer doesn't even need to blink an eye for getting their curtains completely cleaned and well-maintained.
My Curtain Care is on its way to becoming the go-to laundry service in India that provides the best care for any kind of curtain or drape.

My Curtain Care
Performance Marketing , Branding


  • Using Facebook and Instagram to Precisely Target the Right Social Media Audience.

    Our first goal remained to enhance the brand's presence in the market and let their potential clients know about the services they had to offer. For this we had to engage in branding, promotional and push strategies.

  • Increase Performance Marketing through the Promotion of Festive Cleaning

    India, where Diwali is celebrated with extreme fervour, is not just the festival of lights, but it is also the festival where every household goes on a massive-deep-cleaning spree. We had to make the most of this opportunity for our client by enhancing their leads during this festive season, by promoting Festive Cleaning. The idea was to let our demographics know that they don't need to clean their curtains the old traditional way, which is not only tiresome, but also not good for the curtains’ fabric


  • Total Branding and Brand Awareness

    To fulfil our goal of increasing brand awareness and brand value, we had to start increasing the content interactions with their followers, posting more engaging content and running campaigns that drove more traffic to our social media pages and lead to future conversions.

  • We formulated a strong aesthetic feed on Instagram and Facebook that consisted

    - Topical Posts
    - Trending Formats
    - Moment Marketing
    - Engaging Posts & Stories

  • Performance Marketing

    Our next goal was to increase the brand's lead generation and conversion rates, especially during the Festive Season. We also needed to increase our ROAS (Return on Ad Spent), which we achieved through special Diwali Campaigns and Contests. We executed a voucher contest along with special Diwali creative that helped us reach over our specified goal and target

Results in Numbers

  • With our lead generation campaigns and the overall branding activities for My Curtain Care, we were able to generate 200+ leads within the span of 30 days
  • 2L+ Users Reached on Facebook and Instagram
  • 200+ Leads Generated
  • 42% Conversion rate
  • 85% Warm Leads
  • ROAS 2.5x

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